What is the best eyebrow shape for your face?

Trends range from flat to curved eyebrows, from thin to thick eyebrows. However there is one thing to do: Never follow the trend! The controversy about the eyebrow shape has been the most debated subject in the beauty industry and yet, there is not enough enlightenment on this matter.   The flat eyebrows might look… Continue reading What is the best eyebrow shape for your face?


Should your eyebrows be 100% identical?

A lot of clients contact us concerning their eyebrows claiming that they are not identical. But the question is: Should they be identical? When we take a look at Hollywood celebrities we notice that almost 99% of them have asymmetrical eyebrows. But is it on purpose or by default? Those women are beauty icons and… Continue reading Should your eyebrows be 100% identical?


Permanent Makeup (PMU) trends 2020

PMU is the new trend booming across the globe even in countries that are careless about the beauty industry. However, PMU is now aiming on the extreme natural look, the more natural the tattoo the better. The ink technology has witnessed a great improvement over the years to offer a wider range of colors to… Continue reading Permanent Makeup (PMU) trends 2020


That is why you are not getting results with your skin care products

Now it’s true that dead skin cells fall off by themselves, but considering all the pollution we’re surrounded with, they are not the only thing piling up on our skin. There is also dirt, bacteria and oil, which make your skin appear dull and discolored. This is why one of the first steps we do… Continue reading That is why you are not getting results with your skin care products


‘Baby Glow’ Facial Treatment

Aging prevention should start around your 20’s, we’re not talking about botox, fillers and other invasive treatments. Not meaning to jeopardize anyone, but botox is a temporary fix that works on numbing your muscles, doing it over and over again may cause muscle damage and result in losing your facial expressions. The temporary fix may… Continue reading ‘Baby Glow’ Facial Treatment


EYELASHES MITES: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

A dangerous issue has arisen with the new eyelash extension technology taking over: DEMODEX. Eyelash extensions provide the long luscious lashes many women dream of, yet this new beauty trend could have a downside if you’re not careful. The Demodex mite is a type of parasite that lives on humans. These mites are harmless and… Continue reading EYELASHES MITES: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments


Do you know what’s in your makeup bag?

Let’s face it, cosmetics are not natural produtcs, they contain chemicals. Chemicals that we as consumers know nothing about. We apply them on our faces daily with a blind trust until we have allergies or rashes alarming us to switch products. Some severe cases even lead to the development of cancer. But how can we… Continue reading Do you know what’s in your makeup bag?

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Certified Workshops by Roula Karam

Roula Karam workshops have been going for 3 years now. We have worked with beginners, people with years of experience and advanced artists, and kept adding on to their expertise. We always witness different levels of progress throughout the course. Roula Karam workshops now are certified from England, quality of the course is monitored from… Continue reading Certified Workshops by Roula Karam